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RIP Art Neville

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  • RIP Art Neville

    Another sad day.

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    81 I had no idea he was that old saw them at the House of Blues awhile back very good show.

    A lady standing next to my wife was telling her she came to the show because she went to school with Neville brother a sharp eared security guy with house of blues over heard them talking checked with the Neville brothers then he came to the lady and said here is a back stage pass the Neville Brother want to talk.

    Very cool she was thrilled House Of Blues got it right that night.


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      Garth's anecdote exemplifies the Nevilles' attitude toward their fans, neighbors etc. Back in the day, one or more of them might wander to the sidewalk during a break at Tip's, the Maple Leaf, whichever local venue, and always had a smile and a word or two for any who might speak to them.


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        Saw the Neville Brothers so many times in New Orleans!

        I recall one really hot night in 1970 something at Tipitinas, when the Nevilles went on break my friends and I grabbed a "Go Cup" for our drinks and went out to the neutral ground outside the side door at Tips, (neutral ground is median strip in the Crescent City) to get some air.

        So did Professor Longhair, Aaron and Art, we talked for a while, then a crowd started gathering around and we had a blast laughing and cutting up.

        There were a bunch of people on the Neutral Ground without tickets second line dancing on the the grass out there on Napoleon Avenue.
        We could see them going nuts through the open side door from in Tipitinas because the band was slamming some serious NO funk like only they can, When they all started beating on something, anything, there were rhythms inside of rhythms that just messed with your soul....

        Had a chance to talk with all of them over many years in NO, all the guys, Fess, Art, Arron, Cyril, you name it, they were always great to everyone.

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        Got a safety master tape of The Meters first album, gonna listen tonight so funky!

        Very sorry to see Artie go!

        Here are the boys at Tips back in the day, great listen!


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          Yeah, you rite!

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          Where y’at, Bra!