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Musical Notes March 21st!

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  • Musical Notes March 21st!


    1685: Johann Sebastian Bach
    1839: Modest Mussorgsky
    1902: Son House
    1930: Otis Spann
    1936: Solomon Burke
    1949 : Eddie Money

    Musical Events, Charts, History

    1952: the Cleveland Arena, influential DJ Alan Freed holds what is today considered the first true "rock and roll concert," as his Moondog Coronation Ball features Billy Ward and the Dominoes, Tiny Grimes, and Paul Williams and the Hucklebuckers. With ten thousand attendees (and twice that many outside, waiting to get in), the local police shut the concert down prematurely for fire code violations, causing a near-riot.

    1964 : The Beatles' "She Loves You" hits #1

    1964: Judy Collins is catapulted into stardom after a momentous appearance at New York's Carnegie Hall.

    1967: John Lennon takes his first major LSD trip and freaks out while recording backing vocals on the track "Getting Better." Producer George Martin, not realizing the effects of the drug, takes Lennon to the roof of Abbey Road Studios to get some fresh air. Paul and George, upon learning where John was, rush up to get him down. The group works on a piano track for "Lovely Rita" instead.

    1969 : John Lennon marries Yoko Ono at the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain, which is still owned by Britain. The Beatles song "The Ballad of John and Yoko" describes their ordeal finding a location for the nuptials.

    1971: US police arrested all the members from The Allman Brothers Band for heroin and marijuana possession.

    1989: Dick Clark announces the end of his 33 year gig as host of American Bandstand.

    1994: Bruce Springsteen wins an Oscar for the song "Streets of Philadelphia" from the Tom Hanks movie Philadelphia.

    1994: Singer, songwriter, producer Dan Hartman died of a brain tumor in Westport, Connecticut. Was a member of the Edgar Winter Group and wrote the band's hit ‘Free Ride.’ Had the 1978 No.1 dance hit ‘Instant Replay,’ wrote ‘Relight My Fire’ a UK No.1 for "Take That" and Lulu, collaborated with Tina Turner, Dusty Springfield, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Tyler, Paul Young, James Brown, Holly Johnson and Steve Winwood

    2006: After a six-year legal battle, the three surviving daughters of African musician Solomon Linda are awarded one-quarter of all future royalties from The Tokens' 1961 hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The court ruled that the song, which The Tokens adapted from a Pete Seeger song called "Wimoweh," which was actually Linda's 1939 adaptation of a native folk song. Linda, who died in 1962, had nothing to leave to his family, who were destitute at the time of the ruling.

    2008: Beach Boys founding members Mike Love and Al Jardine settle a lawsuit Love filed in 2003, claiming Jardine was touring under variations of the group name, to which Love owns the rights. The settlement leads to a reunion of the group in 2012 for their 50th anniversary.

    Sad Notes:

    1978: Carole King's third husband, Rick Evers, dies of a drug overdose after working on Carole's album Welcome Home, which was released two months later. Evers had co-writing credits on three songs from the album and appears on the cover with King.

    1987: Dean Paul Martin (Dino, Desi and Billy)

    1991: Leo Fender, the inventor of The Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars died from Parkinson's disease. He started mass producing solid body electric guitars in the late 40s and when he sold his guitar company in 1965, sales were in excess of $40 million a year.

    2011: Joe Willie "Pinetop" Perkins

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