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Richard "History Man" Foster Died on April 25th

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  • Richard "History Man" Foster Died on April 25th

    Richard S. Foster, who wrote the "History Man" column for HiFi+ magazine and also was a contributor to AudioBeat, died last Wednesday, after a short illness. I've known Richard for about 20 years and he was a font of knowledge about classical and jazz LP's including old recordings and artists from the dawn of the LP era. He was also very generous in sharing his knowledge with so many people. Richard could be curmudgeonly but had a heart of gold. Like a fine wine, he mellowed with age. He and I are the same age (early 70s) and had stepped back from audiophile writing a few years ago. His good friend Dennis Davis (another contributor to HiFI+ and AudioBeat) posted this obit about Richard.

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    Sorry to hear that. Didn't know him. Life is a fragile thread. Cherish those you value while they are still here.


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      RIP Richard Foster. I was mentored along the way by my own 'Richard' who expanded my appreciation for all things musical esp Classical music. I question where all the Richards have gone as they are---unfortunately--in critically short supply. I say this based on the new crop of millennials that our Co. recently brought aboard --which literally don't know their ass from a hole in wall. Suddenly I'm the smartest guy in the room, which is a scary thought I hope our rich musical legacy is properly introduced to the next generation. I'm not optimistic that it will be
      How Do You Beat Audiophile Nervosa?

      Step Number 1: Upgrade your music collection first. If you do it correctly that should keep you busy in perpetuity.