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    Last time I had an integrated amp was when I got one in a package deal of 3 components on ebay..A Philips tuner, a Philips int. amp, and a Onkyo CD player. The tuner was high end so that's what I kept, I did test and sell off the Philips int amp and it sounded mighty fine indeed, excellent midrange definition and extended deep base. 75 WPC . The buyer left me extremely positive feedback as he felt it was better than average too. I only got $100 for it, kinda regret selling it.

    P,S, Both the Philips tuner and int, amp were full size components with wood side panels attached, late 70's vintage.
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      The Bel Canto eOne C5i is a real good entry level integrated amp. It has a built-in MM phono stage, built-in 24/96 DAC with 5 inputs, and 60wpc (8 ohms) and 120 wpc (4 ohms). Plus its half-width size makes it suitable for small spaces. Under $2000.


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        Hi Myles, just wondering when you plan to post your review of the Fuoco amp? Also, do you have the current Massimo Fuoco version....I understand this version has several improvements? Finally, which speaker cables are you using with it? Looking forward to the review. Many thanks


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          Hi Myles, just read your vey positive comments about the Ensemble Fuoco integrated amp on PF 2019 awards. Is it possible for you to give an idea about when your full review will be published as I may be in the market for an integrated amp soon? Many thanks


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            I had an interesting conversation the other day. About 7 or 8 years ago a little hi-fi shop opened in downtown Seattle. The idea was to sell compact audio systems to all of people living in condos. One of the salesman said they sell maybe 1 system a year to people who live downtown. The rest of the sales are to people who live in the suburbs and drive into the city to get to the store.

            I mention it as I'm questioning whether integrated is really about space saving for people with limited realestate. My own personal opinion is they look neat and clean. The lack of cables and components feels of a sophisticated posh decor. The mess of cables behind my rack bothers me. It looks unkempt and creates a feeling of havoc throughout the living Room. What's worse is lashing them together is detrimental to the sound. That causes me to splay them all over to create distance.
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