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Cochemea Gastelum- All My Relations

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  • Cochemea Gastelum- All My Relations

    You'll probably want to buy this record. Why? It checks all the boxes for me: interesting, somewhat offbeat music, great sonics and readily available as a new issue for little money.
    What's the story? Gastelum is a seasoned horn player and has worked with a lot of big acts, on the road and in the studio. This solo outing brings together an amazing percussion ensemble which works its way into the melodies---the interplay among the horns, drums and chanting comes together in a way that does not sound contrived or done solely for sonic effect. But, it has some real WOW moments, starting just a few revolutions into the first track. The drum sounds are huge, with skin sound, the tone of the instrument body and dynamics. This album doesn't fit neatly into a category- call it Native American influenced Afro-Beat? That almost misses the point-- it's a spiritual journey of exotic sounds that are musically engaging -- it's been getting some play here, and not because of the "demo record" sonics- it is a very musically satisfying listen.

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    What he said.

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