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What's rockin' your audio world lately?
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466 8,458
Mike Lavigne
Good Bye To An Old Friend
More choices here than Netflix. Full range, mini-monitors, sub-woofers, electrostatics, dynamic planar, horns, hybrids, plasma, ribbons, etc. What's currently floating your boat?
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123 1,885
Reports of analog's death were greatly exaggerated. Today there's more brands of turntables available than at any point in time in audio history. Cartridges, tonearms and phono sections are better than ever. So take a moment and share your analog experiences.
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352 7,885
Turntables (105/2,185)
Tonearms (50/1,131)
Cartridges (97/2,666)
Phonostages (37/972)
Exciting times are afoot in the world of digital with the advent of high-resolution DSD and PCM recordings. Downloadable Quad-DSD files (not to mention streaming of DSD) promises to offer unprecedented sound.
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173 2,793
CD/SACD Players (11/164)
The original high resolution medium and still the gold standard by which all other mediums are judged. Professional and pro-sumer machines and everything in between. electronics. 15 ips tape releases.
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253 3,479
Tape dubbing question
Decisions, decisions. So many options to drive those speakers. Integrated, stereo and monoblock amplifiers. Tube, solid-state and hybrid amplifiers. Class A/B/D. Something for every audiophile.
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67 1,493
More than simply a switching device.
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26 569
Analog, digital, FM, AM, Satellite. They're all fair game.
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5 95
Marantz 10B
by jcmusic
Not just for quiet listening times anymore!
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Mr. Speakers Voce
Audio systems are only as good as their weakest link. Careful selection of cables will in many instances markedly improve the sound of an audio system.
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43 706
Interconnects (4/45)
Speaker Cables (7/124)
Phono cables (7/219)
Power Cords (6/75)
Room Acoustics begins with proper speaker placement and goes from there.
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35 431
A tremendously underappreciated area of the playback system. Issues with the quality of the AC line are often mistaken for equipment problems.
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40 847
Better Use of PS Audio P10
Getting that last 30% of performance from your components and system requires--and the biggest return on your investment--careful attention to detail.
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116 2,192
Vacuum Tubes (32/438)
Appealing to the eye and ear!
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29 278
Jingle Bells WWII Style
by Rob
Whether just embarking on the audio sojourn or on a budget, there's always equipment whose performance exceeds its modest cost.
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15 321
The best from yesteryear!
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Quad Corner Ribbon
Find the audiophile lingo confusing? So do we many times. Here we'll attempt to sort out terminology.
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26 535
Building, modding, tweaking and everything in between!
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