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Absolute Power - The IsoTek Super Titan

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  • Absolute Power - The IsoTek Super Titan

    Last winter, I upgraded all of my duplex outlets and covers to the Furutech NCF technology and my system had a nice "evolutionary" improvement.

    Continuing my quest for absolute power, I recently upgraded my amplifier power conditioner, the IsoTek EVO3 Titan to the EVO3 Super Titan. The result has been a "revolutionary" improvement and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

    Click image for larger version

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    The Titan that was used before only had two outlets and had an auxiliary port for adding additional power conditioning. The Genesis loudspeakers use powered servo controlled woofers so my speakers are essentially bi-amplified requiring power for four amplifiers (about 5,000 watts of power). I was about to get another Titan so I would have equal conditioning for all four amplifiers but decided to splurge for the Super Titan which has four outlets.

    The Super Titan is basically two Titans in one chassis but is almost 3x the price of a single Titan. You get a cleaner and more powerful conditioning stage for each of the four outlets. In addition to the improved circuitry, It uses an extreme resonance control design where the aluminum chassis is suspended/clamped between two Corian/cork & rubber compound/Corian sandwich plates with four aluminum column posts. Resonance control is important especially in close proximity to large woofers.

    I was expecting an incremental improvement but was blown away by the Super Titans performance. Lower noise, greater coherence and almost unlimited power resulting in much more realism. It continues to amaze me how important power quality is (without limits) to your system.
    Speakers/Amps: Genesis G2.2 Jr with Powered Servo-Sub Bass, Genesis GR1440 Mono Amps, 5,000 watts total power
    Preamp: SMc Audio VRE-1C Preamp (fully balanced inputs and output)
    Analog 1: VPI Signature 21 Belt-Drive Turntable w/ 10” 3D Printed Fatboy Gimbal Arm and Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti Phono Cartridge driving Lehmann Silver Cube Phono Preamp
    Analog 2: VPI HW-40 Direct-Drive Turntable w/ 12” 3D Printed Fatboy Gimbal Arm and Ortofon MC Anna Diamond Phono Cartridge driving Genesis Gold Phono Preamp
    Analog 3: Studer A810 R2R tape w/ Bridge Console. Using built-in tape preamp
    Digital: Lumin Network Player with Lumin NAS
    Cables: Genesis Advanced Technologies/Absolute Fidelity Interface Interconnects, Speaker, Phono and Power
    A/C Power: Extensive System Upgrades, Sub-panel w/hard-wired power cables, and IsoTek Super Titan Passive Power Conditioning for Amplifiers
    Accessories: Custom Acrylic Equipment Stands, Klaudio Ultrasonic RCM

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    Gary uses IsoTek as well. They appear like one of the few legit conditioners.

    I agree, power conditioning is key.


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      I haven't played at this level But I love our IsoTek stuff as well! The Mosaic Genesis made a significant different in our main system, and helped tremendously at the LA Show as well!

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