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Ferrite anybody?

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  • Ferrite anybody?

    I am still using a relatively Standard powerstrip just with out Switch or fuse and made here in Switzerland (so I hope the materialquality is better). You know those ferrite clamps you can put onto thiner powercords? Should I be using them or do they harm more than they help?
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    In a super high end system, filtering can mess with the transient capability and reduce performance. Sort of like "throwing the baby out with the bath water" analogy. So use with caution. As usual, YMMV.


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      Exactly but at line power freq it’s very useful in noise reduction. It’s what a shunyata Denali does and it works well.
      I do agree at audio or even worse digital or can have bad effects
      analog stuff.
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        Thank you for your replys.
        Don't get me wrong I know many are critical of ferrites (well thats why I asked I suppose) but can they really be limiting if they are not in series but clamp on?


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          Ok so I get it, a Ferrite is actually a series Resistor a cercain Frequencys...