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  • Optimizing Your System

    Couple of years old but still relevant.

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    I had forgotten about that one. I would actually reverse the list in terms of what I would do in my system. I am at the beginning stages of an equipment/room reorganization. When I have settled on a physical layout of the room I plan to settle on cables, organize a rack then see what the system sounds like after settling in. May reverse the rack/cables.

    After that hat it's all gravy. Inserting the other tweaks should be a matter of making things better not changing the essence or tone of your system. I realize this may go out the window if you are fortunate enough to be able to build a dedicated audio room but even then I would want an idea of the system's character before I build a custom room around it.
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    Speaker: Pioneer PAX-30C


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      Just a thought, in setting up my system, I tried to use the shortest lengths of interconnect, speaker wire and power cords that I could get by with. This was honestly partially a result of trying to optimize sound but equally an attempt on my part to minimize the cost of the pricey cables which I would be using. In retrospect, I definitely lost flexibility by doing this and occasionally wish that I had spent the money to get longer cables for at least some applications.
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      • MylesBAstor
        MylesBAstor commented
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        In my system, it just happened by accident. Nothing is over 2 meters except for the speaker cables (because minimum length TA will make) andrun from my tape deck to preamp that is four meters. Just no getting around last length. But have to think that the shorter the length, the better the sound.

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      When I made my DIY silver IC cables for my system about a dozen years ago, I made each cable a custom length for each application. Nothing is standard. So far so good,
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        I could have got away with a ½-metre length for my phono cable, but decided against it and ordered the more standard 1-metre length. I did this for several reasons, none the least of which is my opinion that I wouldn't be able to discern any difference in sound quality anyway.The second reason was simply a matter of price as there was no difference between the two. My third reason was that it would be simpler to sell a 1-metre length as opposed to a ½-metre one.
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        • JCOConnell
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          plus if you ever have to move your TT a little further away from the phono stage, you have some extra length to expand....

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