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Better Use of PS Audio P10

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  • Better Use of PS Audio P10

    In an effort to more easily control the power to my Audio Note OTO and Woo WA6-SE, I connected both P10’s to the Internet and bypassed my Equi=Techs such that the OTO and the WA6-SE go directly into dedicated zones that can be powered up and down from my iPad or any device with a browser through the PS Audio web-based interface. This makes it much simpler to control the amount of time that both amps stay on, extending the tube life, and running both amps directly into the P10’s appears to improve the sound.
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    I had at one time 4 of them. Three p10 and one p5. They really made a diffence and it was cool to turn on my stuff remotely and have it warm when I arrived.


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      Is it really necessary to have so many P10's in the same system? I have been thinking of buying one and based on the power ratings of the P10 and the power consumption of my gear, one would definitely suffice. Is there any reason not to trust the data provided by the manufacturers?

      Thank you!
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