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  • Grounding

    Having heard the benefits of two grounding units (Entreq and TELOS) am wondering what other people have experienced with such devices?
    Dave Clark
    Editor and Publisher, Positive Feedback

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    As a dealer for Entreq which specializes in "signal" grounding, my customers and I have experienced a reduction in noise floor with an increase in dynamic contrast. The more devices added, the effect increases.

    TELOS is too new in the US for me to comment, but I plan to try some next year.

    The Tripoint system which specializes in "chassis" grounding is also highly effective. Entreq and Tripoint can be used together. Mike Lavigne uses both systems and say's the Tripoint was a much bigger improvement. (I am not a Tripoint dealer).

    I am currently experimenting with Entreq grounding boxes connected to my power ground.

    For a simple example on how to ground a systems "signal" and some "EMI/RFI" sources check out: White Paper - Entreq Signal & EMI Grounding Example - First Edition - June 2016.pdf
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      Tripoint products are awesome. See the threads I started on the WBF and Audionirvana regarding the Tripoint emperor and troy signature.


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        Originally posted by Dave Clark
        Having heard the benefits of two grounding units (Entreq and TELOS) am wondering what other people have experienced with such devices?
        hi Dave,

        I have 2 Entreq grounding boxes, the Silver Tellus and the Poseidon. mostly Entreq is a signal path grounding focused product...although I also use it in one case 'effectively' for chassis grounding. the Entreq boxes are stand-alone and are not connected to the power grid or power grid ground system.

        I also have a Tripoint Troy Signature Box which is for chassis grounding and it is plugged into the ground of the power grid with a dummy plug into an outlet.

        the effect of the Tripoint was multiple magnitudes higher than the Entreq boxes approximately relative to the cost/price difference of the products.

        added note; I also have a set of interconnects which use grounding very effectively; I have Tara Labs Grandmaster Evolution w/HRX 2m RCA. while hideously expensive, they are astonishingly good sounding. they use a dual ground station grounding box connected to the jackets of the cables and to the chassis of the source gear....and I have that whole grid attached to the Tripoint Troy (as does Audiocrack who commented above).

        I would say that all these devices will take an already mature and sorted out system to a higher level of performance. I feel that they have been very effective in my system.

        I've read about the Telos but not yet heard what it can do.
        system description and pictures.


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          IMHO these devices have their origins in the theory of "Groundside Electrons" discussed in the early to mid-2000's, and further back to ground plane design. There is an interesting discussion in the DIY Audio website:
          Hi BudP, About the groundside electron, maybe you could start a new thread on that one :D ? Is it electron trapped on the dielectric material ? If that so, Bob Pease mentioned something similar on before and the effect is worse on Teflon PCB, The isolation of the Teflon is too great that the...

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            I can't speak to other people's experience but my own results with both Entreq & Telos products was quite negative. Not that they didn't affect the sound, they did only in the wrong way. I highly recommend trying before buying.


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              Interesting observation. I have no experience with Entreq products and I am not going to try them out: they do not appeal to me at all (and yes: this is only a personal opinion).

              I heard once and only briefly - say for about two hours or so - the active Telos grounding unit in my LA set up. I found it at best a mixed blessing, while two effects were quite obvious: the soundstage became clearly wider but at the same time the soundstage depth decreased sigfinicantly. Probably I should have listened longer but that was not possible.

              With the Tripoint Emperor and Tripoint Troy signature I am extremely happy.