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  • Ionizer for records

    I was thinking about ordering the DS Audio ionizer, as here in Colorado I have a static issue with records. As I was searching the web, I found a post somewhere that mentioned a USB chargeable plasma lighter, which was being used by some to rid their records of static. There were many positive responses by those that tried one, someone even mentioned that it improved upon his DS Audio unit! So, I found one for $7.98 and ordered it. Now, I have tried it on only one record, but it really appears to work! Not a single click or pop while playing the entire record. The noise floor seemed extraordinarily low, too. That may be the normal noise floor, but I didn't play the record immediately before trying the lighter. To use the lighter, one simply holds it about one half inch above the spinning record and moves it slowly across, to cover the entire record. The packaging says there are 60 ignitions per charge and at least 300 charges per battery life. I think I'll order a few more. Here's a pic of mine.

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    Pretty inexpensive. Cool if it works well. Does the Plasma lighter have a flame when holding above the record? If it does, it seems a little scary.
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      Not a flame, I think it is a plasma stream or spark about a quarter inch in length. Yes, it would burn if you put you finger into it, but don't do that! It's very easy to use though and I doubt you could even hurt your records unless you intentionally held it directly onto the surface. Even then, it only runs for a few seconds and then you press the button again. I use two presses to completely get rid of static on the record surface.

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    There is no flame but there is a "spark" that jumps between the 2 electrodes. I hold it about 3/4 of an inch above the record surface and sweep across.



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      That sounds pretty reasonable. An audio product that works for under $10 is a rare find. Thanks!

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    I've been using this, too, and it does work. Wish mine was that fine blue color -


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      Racing blue. Zoom zoom!

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    I remember the old Zerostat that served the same purpose. I think it was $30 or $40 way back in the '70's or '80's. Was reintroduced a few decades later for more. Larry
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      I've had many Zerostats, they don't seem to last for me. I've had two laying beside my turntable for years, as I can't really tell which one is working!

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      The original zerostats were great. Newer ones from china are not as good and have had many die on me as well.

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      Agreed, the originals were long lasting.

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    I presently use the Furutech Destat III. However it took a while to arrive. During that time I use the plasma lighter, it worked very well.


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      There was a guy many years on Audiogon who was selling a deionizer consisting of tourmaline crystals in a hair dryer. You turned the hair dryer on and moved it over the record for 20-30 seconds; then you were good to go. Damn thing worked too. Only I also felt the hair dryer decreased dynamics. Tried decreasing the treatment and changing some other variables but it was a no go. I didn’t think the early Furutech device had nearly the same effect as the hair dryer either.

      Another thing that did years ago when my table had a methacrylate platter (works for other plastic platters, too) is spray the platter with the anti-static spray that use for ironing your shirts. Then wipe down. You could also use on plinths top. That also reduced noise and this low level background grain.
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