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Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaning machine

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  • Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaning machine

    Got the new Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaning machine in also now. Will be trying it out this afternoon. More like a VPI style, with a dual direction motor drive and a vacuum arm then comes down from above. What makes this different (other than its low $499 price) is that it does not use a full size platter. It clamps the record between two label sized disks.

    Pros seem to be:
    1. You don't put your cleaned side on a dirty platter when you flip it to clean the other side.
    2. If you prewash with a Spin Clean or other method that leaves the record wet, you can dry each side without getting the platter wet.

    Cons seem to be:
    1. You can't press down as hard when scrubbing for really dirty records like you can with a VPI.
    2. The possibility of not maintaining suction on older really thin/flexible records.

    I'll have both this and the Record Doctor on display in my room at the LA Audio Show. Both will reviewed in PF later.
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