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    I am very much satisfied with my Philips E83CC SQ driving the phono stage on my C22CE. Excellent tubes for the Job and the money. Well balanced, transparent, detailed and very quiet. Interesting, they have been produced by Siemens&Halske / Munich factory.

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    Also Sylvania 5751 work well with my gear.

    Made bad experiences with JJ ECC83 MG and the Sovteks.
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      What about the Philips Miniwatt tubes, Heerlen factory.

      Short and long plate 12ax7's, the best I have heard, I've had hundreds of 12ax7's from all the factories.

      Brand names mean little, factory and codes are the determinate.
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        Hi Greg,

        You are right. Names mean nothing, the factory and the codes are important.

        I checked my above mentioned Philips and all wear the Siemens factory Code from Munich (E0 1# 9C or 7A, ring getter, single getter support). The Sylvania show 34167 7939 AEG. Does it mean they have been produced by AEG/Germany?