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I'd like an actual audiophile rack so looking for recommendations.

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  • I'd like an actual audiophile rack so looking for recommendations.

    I'm using a 5-tier audio rack by Sonora. It's a nice solid steel and MDF shelving audio rack that has served me well, but it's in no way an "audiophile" rack. Additionally, my gear is all black and the rack is as well, which is one thing I don't like anymore. I want a contrast so my gear "pops" a little more.

    Are there any racks out there considered to be somewhat of an audiophile rack for $1,000-$1,500 (max)?
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    The Quadraspire racks look and sound good for the money.
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      Target Audio is back and under Bryston's wing Johnny. Best part for you is....they're in Canada


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        These are nice racks covering a wide range of prices, many different finishes, not sure how much the surcharge is to ship to Canada

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        • Johnny Vinyl
          Johnny Vinyl commented
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          Thanks for this. Lots of options. Maybe a little more $$, but reasonable price.

        • cpp
          cpp commented
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          Nice racks and they are built in my town.

        • rbbert
          rbbert commented
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          When I bought mine, they gave me just over a 10% discount from the prices on the Website, and then 1/2-price shipping as well. I don't know why, but if they don't offer a discount, ask about one.

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        Do you need one rack with five shelves, or will a double wide three rack shelf work?
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        • Johnny Vinyl
          Johnny Vinyl commented
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          It needs to be a single rack as it's taller and better for my back. The height of the Sonora rack is perfect.

        • Bill Hart
          Bill Hart commented
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          Plus, I have this thing about double-wides. Particularly located in Oklahoma. Seems like they are magnets for lightening strikes. Go figure.

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        Johnny - I've been looking for a nice rack setup for awhile at a lower cost. To be honest I haven't seen anything even close to what I'd like for under over $2,000.

        A year or so back I priced the materials for the equivalent to a nice high end rack. The retail cost of the materials with no bulk quantity, wholesale or jobbers price discount was pretty much the same as the commercial rack.

        Of course, a weekend project with a few cans of Plastikote or Krylon, sandpaper, masking tape and a plan would give different cosmetics for the rack you do have, and give the opportunity to clean all connections.