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First Sounds: Silent Running Audio Craz³

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  • First Sounds: Silent Running Audio Craz³

    New Iso-Shelves come to SRA's Craz rack. They're quite good - I have them on my Scuttle. From Marc Mickelson at The Audio Beat.

    First Sounds: Silent Running Audio Craz³

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    Any of these racks these days are a commitment. Once you buy into the basic rack, at some serious prices in many cases, you can't easily change without throwing out the bath water. Or was it the baby? Anyway, here's to ya! That's the submarine dude, right?


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      Yes, hence the name "Silent Running Audio."

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      MEP, I'm on the slow bus.

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      The small yellow one?

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    Thanks for the link Tim! I spoke to Kevin back in November about the new shelves. They are on my list to order but have put off ordering for the same reasons Mark outlined: having to break the system, especially the table--down. Ugh.

    I wonder if there is as much of an effect when the equipment is on say an OHIO base that sits on the new shelf. I didn't get the idea--maybe I missed it (?)--that Mark uses Kevin's bases under his table or electronics.
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      Pretty sure he does not use SRA bases on the Craz. I'd see what Kevin or Tim say.

      Breaking Down a rack inevitably leads to discovery of missing cat toys. Think of it as an opportunity. :-)

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      And missing stylus cleaning brushes. 😉