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    Did the resurgence peak? Where is everyone? Hardly any new releases to be found in a while (understandably?) or any real chatter for that matter. Trying to find some normal amidst the chaos.


    • Tapetech
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      I agree with you. The lack of albums on RTR format (15ips/2 track) has always been a problem and it does not seem to be getting better. Just recently, one of my customers asked me where to buy RTR albums that were "rock and pop oriented" and the list of available RTR albums I gave him was pretty pathetic. Again, this is strictly 15ips/2 track format.

    • Don RMGI
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      I have some blues and jazz. I even have three different sampler 15 ips 1/2 track reels in circulation. If you are interested you can PM me.

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    Originally posted by marty View Post
    Great update Myles. Much appreciated. What about some of Ed Pong's tapes? I heard a few at Steve's that knocked me out.
    Hi Marty,
    Here's one from Myles... Steve has this, hope you heard it there...