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  • New Thorens Tape Player

    For R2R player - Thorens TM1600

    Price is 12,000 euros. Building 100 units. Compact design in collaboration with Ballfinger. Playback only.

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    Click image for larger version

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    • Skylab
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      But that was NOT what *I* said. I said that one didn’t re-calibrate the deck for tapes that were recorded at different levels during playback.

    • squasher
      squasher commented
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      Sorry, you're right. The earlier comments were about VU meters and I thought that was what you were referring to... My apologies.

      While I agree with your statement that "No user of a deck like this will be making head azimuth adjustments. Frankly I don’t think any typical user does this.", I find it interesting that most people are like this.

      People who are into vinyl usually make the effort of learning how to optimize VTF, VTA/SRA, ad nauseum. Why is it that most don't make the effort for tape?

    • Skylab
      Skylab commented
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      Certainly a fair question...I guess it’s just the effort versus benefit for “just” listening. My guess is most peeps don’t adjust VTA on a record by record basis, even if they could or should...I know I fall into that camp! Just too much effort for the benefit received on a per-album basis. But of course that’s just for me.

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    See here. 😉

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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