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    Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
    where do you guy store your prerecorded tapes? They seem bulky and would take up a lot of space in the listening room real fast.
    They are and do take up a lot of room. Fortunately tapes are expensive, so dollar for dollar, they don't take up more space than records.

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      Yeah, tape storage is an issue for I do have a lot of tapes. I keep some in my main listening room but more in my man-cave/office, which is in the finished (and of course air-conditioned) attic.
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        The manual writes use -8 dB


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          Just a beginner in tapes... sorry if my post is stupid :
          it seems from the picture, that you ''rewind'' the pancake tape back to an aluminium spool, on the left.

          For a new blank tape, I assume it would work the same winding forward to an aluminium spool, on the right ?




          • jonathanhorwich
            jonathanhorwich commented
            Editing a comment
            You can wind it either way. Not important. But if you wish to record onto it immediately, you start the pancake on the left (supply side) and record onto a reel on the right (take up side). Now you end up tails out as it should be.

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          Thanks Jonathan.
          yes, i discovered that tape is better stored « tail out », like the wonderful reels you sent me.


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          when I saw the thread title, t thought it was going to be about pancake recipes. seriously.
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