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help much appreciated !

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  • help much appreciated !

    HI ,I wil not try to hide the fact i know nothing about reel to reel in any way shape or form , and I am after some advice if possible
    I have had to clear out an old house of a relative and have came across some equipment that seems such a shame to throw away
    there is a - akai 4000d tape player
    it has a tape on it ( i have no idea how to take it off )
    i plugged some headphones into it and pressed play and all worked fine ( sounded like an old radio recording )
    there is also boxes of tapes , all with description of size of tape ( mostly 7" )
    i havent looked in all the boxes , but when i opened a few , the reels are still covered in cellophane and look new inside ( but then again - i don't know what an old one would look like !)
    Main question i would like to ask is , are these items of any value ? i have had to buy a skip and would like to get some money back rather than fill it for nothing !
    i took some pictures if that helps anyone that can help me
    i have never posted on here and i don't know if this if frowned upon posting like this , so i apologise if this isn't allowed
    and thank you in advance for any help forwarded

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    No or minimal value - Flea market



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      Agreed. That Akai was a very low end deck and they are readily available. I had one for a little while and it sounded OK, but nothing worth bothering to restore. And old, unbranded 7” tapes on plastic reels also have very little value.

      If you listed the whole lot on eBay you might get $100, maybe $200 if you were very lucky.
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        thank you both for the replies


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          Just advertise it for "best offer" and hope for the best. Good luck!
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