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know of under-shelf for a Studer A-820? or--have clear plans for one they can share?

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  • know of under-shelf for a Studer A-820? or--have clear plans for one they can share?

    i own -3- A-820's and am trying to be able to have the 3 small boxes of my King Cello tape repro be mounted on a shelf attached to the stands below to clean up the space. i've seen these shelf units in pictures and figured they are one-off DIY deals. i'm concerned that it's solid and not excessively exciting resonance from the decks.

    but before i blindly go to the hardware store, and re-invent the wheel myself kludging this together with my very limited metal skills i figured i would reach out to the collective brain trust. obviously i'd rather not drill holes in the stand if i can help it and would prefer it does not look like i did it.

    this week my King Cello is back in New York State at Charles King's house. i'm finally upgrading my King Cello; adding an additional box with meters, and pots so i can (1) dial it in for my heads on both my 1/4" and 1/2" A-820's, and finally have 2 inputs so i don't need to plug and un-plug when i switch from 1/4" to 1/2".

    i'm excited to get this unit back and dialed in, and it would be nice if i could get it physically integrated so it looks better.


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    after thinking this one over, i've switched gears and no longer desire to mount output electronics to a shelf connected to the Studer stand. resonance from the deck would then become a serious issue and one significant advantage of separate output electronics is that isolation from the deck transport mechanical effect. instead, i'm investigating the Artesania Mini Rack decoupling system. it is small enough in width and depth to fit within the Studer A-820 stand, although it will need to be built lower from 67 cm to 48 cm to work. here are a couple of pictures from the Artesania web site.

    the whole idea here is to upgrade the King Cello and keep it long term instead of finding a replacement. this rack should push things further.
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      That is the smart way to do it. Keep the Studer stand independent from the tape headamp stand. Just place in front/under the Studer. Neat.

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    It was easy on the A80's....


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      Mike im not familiar with a tape head premap. So if ok a few questions
      does it have a separate psu box ?
      is there a max distance for tape head cables ?
      does the tape have its own cables or output jacks ?
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