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Is 5G a problem for tapes?

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  • Is 5G a problem for tapes?

    Not to be a worry wart, but I got an email asking whether the new 5G cell phone system could be a problem for stored tapes. That is, is the signal from a 5G tower or phone strong enough to have a negative effect on tapes? or is this something not to worry about. A Faraday cage around my tapes would be a major issue.

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    I can’t imagine how it would be. 5G’s part of the spectrum is 24 gHz to 72 gHz. That’s the very high end of the frequency spectrum but in any case we are talking here about RFI. It’s actual magnetic fields of very great intensity (but very low frequency) that are a problem for tapes.

    5G might give you cancer, but hey, your tapes will be fine 😜
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      I would tend to think that AC 60-120hz radiation would be more of an issue than anything in the Ghz range.


      PS not to mention magnetic fields generated by electrical equipment. It could be a good idea to purchase a tri-field meter that measures EMI/Magnetic and RFI fields. It is a handy item to keep in order to trace down stray hum/interference fields.
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        I thought 6g was the new frontier allowing peer to peer communication.
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          The people trying to stop 5G are arguing that it is not safe - health reasons.

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          Aside from infectious disease, the powers that be don't really seem to give a shit about public health, sadly.

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          I would not want to live under a powerline. I do at times wonder about people with a large cell tower near their house. You would think all that power transmitting high frequency could damage your body.