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    I don't see a way to preorder on Kickstarter, only to pledge or buy a t-shirt.....
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      Originally posted by cpreal View Post
      I don't see a way to preorder on Kickstarter, only to pledge or buy a t-shirt.....
      I am not sure but it appears one needs to contact Greg and get the price of the reel. Then you pledge that amount. But I wouldn’t do anything without contacting Greg first.
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        I am no Kickstarter expert but I believe one pledges money toward the project base on what you want to buy???.
        I think if the reels are $500 and you want 10 of them you would pledge $5000.

        As I said I am have never used Kickstarter but I believe If the project doesn't meet the required dollar value in the allotted time you get your money back.

        However you can contract Patrick Sinegal for the details at [email protected] and get the exact details from him.


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          That’s how Kickstarter is supposed to work at a high level - you offer a funding level that allows people to actually get the product you’re trying to kickstart. But the campaign for Reeltronix isn’t set up that way and as such it’s likely to fail.
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            Just look at this vendor from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria), nice r2r accessories can be bought at reasonable prices. Even in red, looks cool....



            • Skylab
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              I’ve never bought reels from them, but I have bought their machined metal NAB hubs, and they are the best I have ever used. Shipping from Bulgaria is slow, but worth the wait.

            • MylesBAstor
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              Lotta stuff there been back ordered for 6-12 months. I thought Greg Beron had the US distribution rights for the “wire basket” NAB hubs.

              FYI over the years I’ve grown to HATE three screw reels. Had too many three screw reels fall apart. From several tape labels. Five or more for me.

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            I'm new... And this thread has been silent for over a year...
            But it looks like...
            Nice (aka Awesome!) quality High priced reels that seem to have never gone beyond limited production. Kickstarter for Reel Tronix says it failed, not sure if it was a real Kickstarter attempt or not.

            Too bad someone hasn't picked up the guantlet and produced quality reels like these in larger quantities at lower prices for the good of the community at large. 👽