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Kostas Metaxas lecture on reel to reel recording his way

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  • Kostas Metaxas lecture on reel to reel recording his way

    Accidently I came over this lecture, it got my attention and I realized that he is recording the pure way like someone like Robert Fine founder of Mercury Living Presense.

    He has has released some of his work on Hi res files, from his over 300 master tapes, the thing is, would he release them on R2R tapes ?

    Think of something like this coming to the R2R community , one can only hope he will consider doing it and bring reel music back to the original state, doing music for the sake of the music and bringing back the magic of reel music, like you hear from the great recordings of the 1950´s and 1960´s, less the noise and other shortcomings due to techniques of that time.
    Wouldn´t that be a dream come true ?

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    This is a source of copies of master tapes done by Kostas Metaxas, who is presenting this lecture. I believe all the tapes being offered are of performances from the mid 2000's recorded in Australia, from live performances. I bought several of the classical tapes (mostly 2 reelers). I think you get a good sense of his recording techniques and the quality of the sound recordings. One warning, the tapes I bought all end abruptly in the middle of the performances, as if the tape just ran out and there was no back up machine to cover the complete performance. So you get 30 minutes of a live performance on each reel, not an entire piece. I wrote Todor Dimitrov (owner of the company whom Kostas mentions about 2/3rds of the way into the lecture) about the issue and he told me that this is what is on the tapes. It is a very good sample of what the performance was like, but not the entire piece. I've never run into this before.

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