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    And this one will land in about 4 weeks. The seller has sent it to a highly reputable tech for a full check up and calibration before it gets shipped to me. I will get a one year warranty with it. I can't get smaller than this to listen to 10.5 inch tapes. I got lucky finding a Nagra IVS with the QGB extension as the latter is becoming quite rare. There was also a Nagra T but I opted for the simplicity of the IVS.


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      I'm smiling as I type this. congratulations. I'm looking forward to reading more.

      FYI: I took the Stellavox out over the weekend on a 100+ mile road trip to a fellow audiophile. He flipped (my words) when he heard tape played back at 15ips on the refurbished SP7 with 10.5" ABR reel assembly. He said it's the best his system ever sounded and now he knows his assemblage of components can sound even better based on the sound he heard from the little Stellavox playing tapes.

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    Smart because the Nagra T doesn't sound nearly as good as the IVs.


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      Originally posted by jonathanhorwich View Post
      Smart because the Nagra T doesn't sound nearly as good as the IVs.
      Hi Jonathan,

      Indeed. My tech warned me about the Nagra T and how complex and expensive it is to maintain and repair. His message was loud and clear "just stay away from it".

      I wanted a small and minimalistic design for my secondary system which needs to remain simple (a pair of small loudspeakers, an amp with an integrated phono stage, one TT and one Tape deck and no digital). Cesare Ricci from Fonè made all my direct copies of his tapes from an ATR 102 straight into a IVs and this convinced me to acquire one.

      As soon as the overhaul of the Studer was over, I started looking for one. I attended an analogue fair in Germany last weekend but I was not successful in finding one with the QGB extension. I was given some extravagant price quotes without any firm evidence that I could get one. It was however worth the travel as I had the chance to listen to some loudspeakers and there is a particular pair that caught my attention.

      By chance, the dealer I bought my second turntable from had the combo I was looking for (IVs and QGB). So not only I bought a turntable but also a tape deck at once.

      BTW, I have spent the all day listening to several of your tapes. They are true gems.




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        Thank you for your kind words. My highly technical friend had two of the Nagra Ts and rebuilt them with tube electronics to make them sound good. Best avoided. The QGB extension is very rare so wonderful you found one.


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          Santa dropped this yesterday:

          Swiss quality at its best. The tape deck and the QGB module were fully checked and calibrated by Giorgio Foschi who included a report with all the measurements.