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New Offerings from Open Reel in Italy

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  • New Offerings from Open Reel in Italy

    I received the new offering today from Open Reel in Milan. They offer a combination of classical and jazz albums. Up to now all of their classical offerings (of which I have 5 of 6 and highly recommend) are recent recordings done in Italy. The jazz offerings (which I do not have), are both old and new.

    Best artist, amazing location, analog recordings, outstanding master and everytime an emotional sound !

    However, the three classical and one jazz album in their new master series come from older performances- from the late 1950's to early 1970's. The three classical albums all originate from the Czech Supraphon label and the Czech Philharmonic with three different conductors. Incidentally we've heard the Czech Philharmonic twice, two years ago in Berkeley on their US tour with their fine conductor Jiri Belohlavek who also conducted the BBC Symphony in London for several years, and back in the '90's in Prague where they performed with the great Ivan Moravec.

    The Brahms Double Concerto has two of the great musicians of that time, Josef Suk violin and Andre Navarra cello with the Czech Philharmonic conducted by the great Karel Ancerl. The concerto just fits on one reel - not quite 33 minutes long. The Debussy Nocturnes is conducted by Jean Fournet with the Czech Philharmonic. It is around 25 minutes long. Warning on the other classical offering. The Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique only has the first two movements coupled with the Roman Carnival Overture. I am holding off buying this until I know that they will be selling the second half (the more exciting part) at sometime in the future.

    I ordered both the Brahms (one of my all time favorite pieces) and the Debussy. Not a jazz fan, so I can't comment on the other album.

    Open Reel has very nice packaging and at 245euros per reel sells for about the going price for reel to reel tapes, especially with the USD and euro at almost parity and no VAT for non EU buyers. They have a cheaper way to get the tapes - for 199euros per reel you can buy pancakes, and supply the reels yourself. I am guessing that the fancy plastic containers may not come with the pancakes - not sure about that.

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