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    Originally posted by ChrisMara View Post
    Hey everyone- a quick update as we all gear up for Axpona 2017. Mara Machines HiFi version is now ready for prime time. We've rolled out two color schemes with either solid Birch or solid Maple dovetail cabinets and high end custom paint colors that change slightly depending on angle of light source. Tape transport systems have been upgraded for silent operation.
    Machines come standard with Flux Magnetic reproduce head, you can choose to upgrade to an additional Flux Magnetic reproduce head that is wired to feed external preamps. This allows you to send the same signal to the MCI preamps and your 3rd party preamps simultaneously. Come see/hear for yourself on the 2nd floor of the Westin during Axpona 2017.
    Be sure to say hi to me!
    Thanks Chris for the exciting news!

    Chris will also be on Friday's reel-to-reel panel! Come join us from 3:30 to 4:30 PM!
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      I think Greg said he is stopping production of the UHA Phase I for the moment. The Phase 10 is the current entry point. I missed the boat on his last Phase I deck.


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        Originally posted by nc42acc View Post
        I think Greg said he is stopping production of the UHA Phase I for the moment. The Phase 10 is the current entry point. I missed the boat on his last Phase I deck.
        Marty, I just checked at the UHA website. Looks like Greg has a new Phase 1 machine for 2017. It is playback only and is $6500. New Tascam playback head, not a Greg Orton head.

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          Larry.....I will check with Greg once he returns from Axpona. I have a deposit check I need to send him. Thanks

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        The Mara deck with Doshi electronics and Wilson speakers I listened to today at Axpona was terrific.
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