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Tascam BR-20 Rack mounts (wood trim project)

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  • Tascam BR-20 Rack mounts (wood trim project)

    wanted to share a small project. that i did for my Tascam BR20-T to cover up the stock rack mount on each side(4 holes)

    material used 1" x 2" (actual size 3/4" x 1 1/2") Walnut wood and 1/4-20 wood inserts and 1/4-20 Knurled thumb screws and used General Finishes "Arm-R-Seal" Gloss Top Coat

    imo: the side panels give the BR-20 a clean and vintage look ( used a older small digital camera- was hoping for better shots)

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    Looks awesome!!!
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      Dresses it up nicely. Well done.
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        Thanks guys...

        just wanted something to cover up the rack mount holes.and figure some nice wood could do the trick and does give it a little wider stance.

        with the wood trim installed it is around 3/4" wider than stock (no wood installed)


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          Looks really great! I've been thinking about doing something similar with my Technics too. Front panel near perfect but the sides of the deck are a little dinged up.
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