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  • New Nab Hubs

    These are a pretty cool design, they spin true and don't make any noise!

    They attach to the tape by a pressure fit.

    1.) Take the hub in one hand and the tape in the other.
    2.) Press the hub onto the tape in your hand, it clicks into place and is very securely attached to the tape.
    3.) Then attach to the deck via the trident, put the hub and the attached tape onto the trident.
    4.) Then pull and turn the trident to lock the hub and the tape onto the reel table.

    Have fun and repeat often.

    These are also wider than a conventional NAB hub, look better and are quiet.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Bottom has 3 round points that correspond to the 3 botches in an NAB reel.
    You can also see the 3 metal pressure fit points that grasp the tape reel.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1612.JPG
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    Greg, thank you. Although I'm not fully following (pictures aren't labeled such what "Trident" is not show the sequence in pix you describe in your text) I get the idea of a two stage attachment. Overall, what is the advantage of these babies?


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      The "trident" is the 3 tabbed shaft that sticks out from the reel table.
      For example a non NAB reel attaches directly to a trident by putting it on the trident and pulling out and turning it to secure to the reel.

      These are quiet and spin true, that is the main benefit. You don't have 3 small black pucks in slots behind a rubber O ring securing the reel to the NAB hub like on the original Revox destine most people use.


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        Greg Thanks. I get the general idea then.


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          You are welcome to try a pair Jonathan I have silver, black and red in stock.
          If you don't love them just send them back no sweat.


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            Thank you and I'll email you separately off forum.


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              These are very beautifully made and crafted!

              i own these (V12 version) and probably rank them the best built of any custom NAB adapters!

              i also have the stock "Tascam" NAB and Darklab NAB and these. each have a Pro and Con (that is why i own all three)

              NAB shop PRO: Outstanding Build quality! CON: have to detach and reattach. from the deck,every time you change reels (not a issue for me)

              Stock Tascam NAB PRO: they work! CON: plastic and looks?

              Darklab NAB PRO: Looks Great and easy function CON: can rattle/click at times or works perfectly most of the time!


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                what's the cost on these?


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                  A picture of Greg's Ultima 2 machine with his new hubs from Axpona. I have a close up but that's on my wife's computer. Will post that tomorrow!

                  Click image for larger version

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                    It would be great to get some pricing and ordering info - I didn't see them on the UHA website. Thanks!
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                      Sorry for omitting pricing but I had to determine what I paid to ship them from Transylvaniastan or wherever they devil they're made.
                      They take forever to get here, like 6 to 8 weeks.

                      Upon looking into it, I've only imported enough for my UHA deck customers at this time.
                      If people want them I can look into importing more and a price, please contact me via my web site for more details.
                      Last edited by Greg Beron; 05-21-2017, 06:01 PM.


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                        Pictures on a customers black gold deck going out soon.

                        Click image for larger version

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