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Help Needed with Pelican 1640

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  • Help Needed with Pelican 1640

    I purchased a Pelican 1640 case to ship my reel decks (Studer A8180 and Tascam BR-20) for repair, etc. I need a little help with the foam.

    The case comes with a thin bottom foam and 3 thicker pieces which can be carved out to form protection around the deck.

    1. Should the deck sit on top of the thin foam piece and one of the thicker ones? I think there is enough depth that.
    2. What should I put between the face of the deck and the foam attached to the lid of the case? It doesn't see as though there is enough depth to have one of the thicker pieces intact on top of the face.

    Any assistance in how this should be configured would be appreciated. Any of you who have received a deck from Greg please chime in!

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    The way Greg Beron (United Home Audio) ships his decks, he attaches the deck rack mount side plates to wood 2x4's (1/4" wood bolts) creating a frame structure to support the heavy deck. I would not rely on the foam alone to protect it. Reach out to him or maybe he will chime in here. My cases are at a storage facility so I don't have access to take pics.
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      If you email me separately I have a perfect setup for the 810 in a Pelican case where it rests on the thick foam on the bottom. I do not agree with attaching it to wood 2 X 4s as there is no cushion to any shock so why have the foam? Maybe Rockitman can explain that system as it doesn't make sense to me. You want the unit to be cushioned so it moves downward with the force into foam. I don't want my unit to be rigid or why have foam? Anyway if dminches emails me at [email protected] I'll send you pictures of my 810 case. Also note I was shipped a BR20 with the wood system where the rack mounts attaches to it and the unit was damaged as it did not work until my tech fixed it. I was told that it worked perfectly before shipment. Regardless, I don't understand the wood rack mount shipping system. And would never ever employ it.


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        The idea of the wood frame (while not perfect)... is when the case is dropped the deck will not bottom out and impact the bottom of the case damaging the deck's outer case or worse. The included foam from Pelican is not dense enough to prevent damage to the deck when the case is thrown to the ground via FedEx or UPS handling. United Home Audio ships all their decks this way. Greg has learned over the years how to safely ship many decks. Palletizing them for freight shipping is the best but most expensive and inconvenient method.

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      Thanks. I get the theory. I will tell you there is no way in a million years my 810 could bottom out with the thickness of foam I use and the method. But I got the picture so thank you.