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Elusive Disc expanded tape offering to 84 titles not.

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  • Elusive Disc expanded tape offering to 84 titles not.

    I remember when they had six tapes.

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    Ouch! on the bank account. Buying tape is getting easier. I know it's niche, but more tape options are welcome.
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      I have a few of the tapes sold by Elusive Disc. I think all of them were purchased directly from the manufacturer. In any case, please note that the FONE tape at the bottom of the first page, with the great Salvatore Accardo playing the Beethoven Violin Concerto, only has the first movement on the tape, not the entire 3 movement concerto. I bought my copy directly from FONE in Italy and also bought the companion reel which contains the other two movements.

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        I'm reluctant to order ANY more tapes from Elusive Disc. I've had The Anthony Wilson Trio "Jack of Hearts" on order since June 21st and still nothing but empty promises.
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          That's good to know, thanks.

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          timztunz The issue I see with Elusive Disc is that they show the Groove Note Tapes "In Stock". Clearly the tapes are not in stock. At one time they indicated it would take 15 days before the tapes would ship. I no longer see that mentioned on the Groove Note tapes, unless I'm missing it now.

          I can only suspect that they are not running one off tapes orders, and must be collecting a small batch so Groove Note can run multiple copies / orders at the same time.

          Good news, if you are a Jacintha fan and want a copy of Here's to Ben, I thought they were only running 50 copies, and that was going to be it. If you missed that tape and it's of interest it looks like buyers potentially can get a copy again. It was removed from the Elusive Disc website for sometime.

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          Thanks again RoadDawgWest! I've actually had a very good buyer experience with Elusive Disc on everything I've gotten from them over the years. I'm new to tape and have only ordered two from them. One arrived in a reasonable amount of time but this Groove Note mess is just remarkable. I'm sure ED is only relaying the info from GN but it's just been excuse after excuse, the last one being they ran out of tape and it will be two weeks before they get more. Your scenario sounds more likely to me. I'll not give up on ED but may on GN.

          Thanks for the heads up on Jacintha.