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  • It's A Worldwide Craze!

    Japanese audiophiles are spending thousands of dollars on high-end stereo systems. Some are even installing private utility poles for a personal source of electricity, all in a quest for aural perfection. Photo: Juro Osawa/The Wall Street Journal
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

    -Zellaton Plural Evo speakers
    -Goldmund Telos 440 mono amps
    -Goldmund Mimesis 37S Nextgen preamplifier
    -Doshi EVO and Goldmund PH3.8 phonostage
    -VPI Vanquish direct-drive turntable
    -VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy dual pivot tonearm, VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy gimballed and SAT LM-12 arm
    -Lyra Atlas SL Lambda, Fuuga Mk. 2, vdh Colibri Master Signature, MutechHayabusa, Phasemation PP-500 cartridges
    -Technics RS1506 with Flux Magnetic heads, Doshi V3.0 tape stage (balanced)
    -Assorted cables including Transparent XL Gen. 6, Skogrand, Kubala-Sosna, Audience FrontRow; Audience FrontRow, Genesis Advanced Technologies , Goldmund and Ensemble Power Cords
    -Accessories including Stillpoint Aperture panels, Cathedral Sound panels, Furutech NCF Nano AC receptacles; Silver Circle Tchaik 6 PLC, Symposium ISIS and SRA Craz 3 racks, Audiodharma Cable Cooker, Symposium Ultra and assorted SRA OHIO Class 2.3+ platforms.

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    Love the guy in the 250 s/f apartment with those horns- I think they are from that company that refurbishes old JBLs. As a culture, the Japanese (and other Asian cultures) rule! (And it isn't compulsion, which is how it is viewed in the West- ah, the guy is a whacko. No, there it is the quest for perfection in the smallest details. The line between genius and madness is a thin one....


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      he neglected to say his "girlfriend" IS his stereo. this short little vid is an exemplification of Japanese society as a whole. its not uncommon for a 'salary man' to annually, spend the equivalent of a few month's salary or more on luxury items, audio included.


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        Nice "save" on saying his girlfriend is as equally important. LOL!
        Dynavector DV20x2L MC cartridge - Genesis G7.1f speakers - Marantz Reference PM-KI-Pearl Int. Amp. - Oracle Audio Paris MkV turntable - Various Morrow & Valab/King cables


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          He has to have a girlfriend with her own place, he needs a place to sleep.


          • Rob
            Rob commented
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            in Japan *girlfriend* can be a euphemism for *hostess club* aka rent-a-girlfriend (truth!)

          • MylesBAstor
            MylesBAstor commented
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            You had to burst the bubble!

          • Rob
            Rob commented
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            Myles, you should have gone to Japan before you remarried, I keep telling single guys that

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          Kendrick Sound/Rey Audio
          Appearance is deceiving; man in photo is actually 7 feet tall!