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Five vinyl soundsystems bringing slow listening to london

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  • Five vinyl soundsystems bringing slow listening to london

    Rediscovering the art of slow listening at London’s new vinyl-orientated spaces. As any DJ who still plays vinyl will tell you, even the best clubs are rarely set up with records in mind. With dancefloors now demanding louder, more efficient sound systems built for ever-sharper electronic productions, the spaces in which you might listen to […]
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    Thanks for posting that. That is a great article and don't know why more businesses don't do this often in the US. I have to listen all day long at work to these tinny, distorted JBL speakers.

    Know there was one gym in the US who outfitted their facilities with Wilson speakers. Anyone know of any other places/businesses like this here in the US that have done similar things?
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      This is popular in Japan, usually an Izakaya (cocktails and pub food). I've seen one with Avantgarde Duos, the 'guest' can choose any one of several hundred original jazz LPs to play over the system.

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    I think I love almost any room with a pair of Tannoys in them. Absolutely gorgeous!

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      Originally posted by allenh
      I think I love almost any room with a pair of Tannoys in them. Absolutely gorgeous!
      I prefer this one from an old Tannoy brochure.Click image for larger version

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      My opinions rely on listening mainly to acoustical, non amplified music. I do not care about electronic music or listening to rock at stadium levels, but I enjoy Mahler and Shostakovitch.


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        My mind is in the gutter. 😈

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        There is just something wrong with that picture. I could come up w/ some ridiculous narratives, but none of them would be publicly appropriate.

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        when alcohol is involved all bets are off.. I still say the guy playing hard to get eventually gets what he's after