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  • Ortofon Cadenza Bronze

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    Anyone had an opportunity to hear this Ortofon?

    Heard it for the first time under circumstances that were somewhat controlled today at an audiobuddies house. I was very impressed with this 0.4 mV $2309 cartridge. Lot's of meat on the bone and not thin at all at least in the new VPI 3D arm on a TNT 6 table feeding a Manley Steelhead. Very nice soundstage and imaging too. Bass was full without being bloated. And very nice resolution for a $2309 cartridge. Would definitely put this on ones must-listen list if shopping in or around this price point.
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    It is a nice cartridge for sure. Had the opportunity to listen to all four cadenzas on the same TT.
    Thought all were good but that the Bronze had the nicest overall voice.
    I am not a big Ortofon fan but this I could live with.


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      I have lived with it for the last two years and am absolutely blissed out by it time and time again. I reviewed it for the AAA Switzerland Magazine (thats not the Absolutely Anonymous Alcoholics by the way :-) Its the cheapest cart with Ortofons Top Replicant diamond cut. It has a koetsuness about it but at the same time offering solid bass, dynamics and resolution. You can find cartridges that go more extremely in the one or the other direction, but you will be hard pushed to find something that performs so evenly in all Areas (well, under 3K at least)


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        I have never heard an Ortofon, except the ones low on the line. I guess I need to at some point.


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          Originally posted by Bobm
          I have never heard an Ortofon, except the ones low on the line. I guess I need to at some point.
          I think ortofon is more well known for their high end carts than their budget models...
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            Can anyone comment on how it compares with the Cadenza Black? I'm looking for a cartridge under $3K.


            • Per Sundell
              Per Sundell commented
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              I would say the Bronze has a fuller voice than the more controlled and laidback black. I heard all the Cadenzas on a truly dreadful Project turntable that had an arm with interchangable headshells. It was easy enough to spot the differences, strengths and weaknesses of the different cartridges. Overall I thought the Bronze made the most music.

            • Billy Shears
              Billy Shears commented
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              I agree with per. The black is more neutral (call that natural if you want)

            • audioguy1958
              audioguy1958 commented
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              Thanks for your impressions.

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            Of all the cartridges I have ever owned, I just hated the Cadenza Bronze. It just didn't work with my Roksan table and phono stage. Go figure.
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              Originally posted by Joe Pittman
              Of all the cartridges I have ever owned, I just hated the Cadenza Bronze. It just didn't work with my Roksan table and phono stage. Go figure.
              Shocking. Iam using the Roksan Ref Dx-2 Phono and Pug Tonearm. My experince is the polar opposite!


              • Joe Pittman
                Joe Pittman commented
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                Maybe I had a defective unit in some way. I never pursued that possibility by trying another unit (I am a dealer).

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              We have one on our Linn LP12. It's a great cart, very musical and detailed. Going from the Cadenza Blue to the Bronze, you could immediately hear the improvements in mid-range resolution!
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