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Airtight Opus vs Lyra Etna SL

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  • Airtight Opus vs Lyra Etna SL

    Has anyone compared these two carts and if so, can they describe the differences?

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    Albert Porter has had the Lyra Atlas and the Opus in his system and will hopefully comment.
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      I have the Lyra Etna SL and the Atlas. Soon to mount my new Goldfinger Statement. Sorry, I can't compare the Airtight Cartridge for you.

      Etna SL is still new.. less than 10 hrs Atlas is little used too but maybe 100hrs or so.

      I can see the attraction of the Etna SL very delicate detail with body. The Atlas is a powerhouse in the lower registers and simply sings.

      Too early to pass further judgements I am still optimizing

      I will mount the Clearaudio sometime soon -I hope- when I have more time.

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