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  • Median Operating Temperature- Analog

    Living in a North East geography. I, like many others, have my system underground on a concrete slab in the basement.

    Winter time is not much of an issue as I heat the slab hydronically and can control the temperature with a zone room thermostat once all the tubes light up and cook.

    In the summer though, with the AC system- cold air likes to lay low and the room becomes cold even with the tubes running. I experience the cuing mechanisms on my arms taking a little longer and surely what I surmise is the suspension of the cartridges taking a few rounds to loosen up even more so than usual.

    It will take more than an hour of playing to open up and round out as things are very mechanical sounding until then. When we have 34o C days with 90% humidity the AC is on all day with the cold air pouring down the stairs and pooling in the listening room.

    Sometimes, crazy as it may seem, I may turn on the floor slab to locally equalize the temp for an hour if I've been running AC for weeks at a time in the summer.

    How does ambient temperature affect your perceived sound or performance of your system? Dynamic speakers would likely have similar challenges. Southern climates may find it difficult to even run a tube system in a confined space during the summer.

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    This is one of the best things I did in my listening room......Its a Mitsubishi 12,000 BTU ductless system, easy to install, efficient and quiet. There very affordable too.....its the most comfortable room in the house
    Jeff Whitlock
    A/V Solutions


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      Originally posted by A/V Solutions View Post
      This is one of the best things I did in my listening room......Its a Mitsubishi 12,000 BTU ductless system, easy to install, efficient and quiet. There very affordable too.....its the most comfortable room in the house
      How much noise does that make? Can you run it while listening?
      Steve Lefkowicz
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        Originally posted by Steve Lefkowicz View Post

        How much noise does that make? Can you run it while listening?
        You betcha. The noisy part is outside. It's not dead silent but it's vastly better than suffocating while listening.
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          I know this will jinx me, but A/C is as important as water in Texas. It gets really hot here. A week or so ago, we were clocking 103F during the day, and I don't think that was anywhere near the record temp. Last night, it was 91F walking home from dinner at about 9.30pm.
          My listening room, for the time being, is (as you probably know) is at the top of the house. I keep the default at around 76 or 77F and when I am listening, make it colder because all the tubes put out heat. So, it may seem like a meat locker, temp wise. My wife finds it far too cold when she comes upstairs during a listening session. Although the ducting isn't baffled for low noise, I really don't hear it with the music on, and don't notice it much even when the music is off. (I'll hear some air rush through the vents in the quiet if the blower/fan kicks in-- but I'm not hearing the outside condenser/fan unit, ever. You can hear those in the kitchen, because they are right next to a kitchen window, but this house is so well insulated--recycled denim behind mesh for the most part, and plank walls, that you can't hear someone clearly, or sometimes at all, from one room to the next).
          I always need to warm up my system minimum of about 45 minutes 'til it starts to open up. It definitely sounds better as it warms up-- that was true when I was in the NE as well. And we had pretty hot weather in NY during the summer, maybe not quite Texas heat, but I was also at the top of the house there and we'd get these 90F+ days with jungle humidity sometimes.


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            The ductless systems are very quiet, the nice thing about these is the variable auto fan speed, the majority of the time they run at low fan speed unless the room is way to hot or cold and even then its about 5-10 minutes at high fan speed and the room is at temp (this is when I'm warming the system up anyway) then it automatically switches to low fan speed which is hardly noticeable at really low listening levels. Being in an uncomfortable room is way more distracting then a slight whoosh of air sound that's easy to tune out.
            Jeff Whitlock
            A/V Solutions



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            I measured the room....

            Audio system off with HVAC off- 19dB
            Audio system on with HVAC off - 20dB
            Audio system off with HVAC at low fan speed 22dB
            Audio system on with HVAC at low fan speed 24dB

            The readings were taken from the listening position......When I built this room I did double studded 12" walls with a 4" air gap between the inner and outer walls, so basically a room with in a room.....ASC Iso-Wall system, 1/2" sheet rock / ASC Wall Damp / 5/8" sheet rock......the noise floor of the room is fairly low.
            Jeff Whitlock
            A/V Solutions