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  • New Grado Lineage Cartridge Line

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    I dunno...a $12,000 Grado? I'm trying hard to fight back the cynicism.


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      Since when was gold a better electrical conductor than silver?
      gold is the bling conductor


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        I am very happy with the Grado Statement Series 2. It is a very nice cartridge. At 1 Mv output, it pairs very well with my tube based CJ phono stage. As a previous Grado owner, Grado has a very favorable trade in policy on their cartridges. That being said, It would hurt me to pay $12,000 for their new cartridge. Seems like everyone is marketing products to the 1 percenters.
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        • MylesBAstor
          MylesBAstor commented
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          The Statement One and cj Premier 15 were a nice pairing.

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        Insanity! I dropped 3K on a Grado once. Fool me once, ...................
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        • Hawk
          Hawk commented
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          Your analog front end is a quite a bit higher on the food chain then mine. I was looking at the Soundsmith Nautilus & the Grado Statement Series 2. Both in similar price range and both match my system well. I was leaning toward the Soundsmith. Being a long time Grado user, they gave me almost 90% of my original purchase price on my Grado Reference low output trade in(Well taken care of; but alot of hours). The new Grado is more dynamic, open and extended then the previous Grado Statement. It is much more neutral then previous Grado cartridges; however it maintains a nice warmth to the mid range. A nice cartridge and value for what I have invested in it.

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        I thought Grado only made MM carts. Is this new one MM or MC?
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        • Hawk
          Hawk commented
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          The Grado and the Soundsmith cartridges are both Moving Iron (MI) designs. Soundsmith has a very good description of what this entails on their web site.

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        A Grado for $12,000, that will buy a lot of Master tapes, and since the reviewer's are always comparing the sound of these outrageously priced cartridges to " Tape like" why not just listen to Tape.