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    So, I made a decision. I've ordered a Lyra Delos and will mount it to my JMW 10 3D arm. If I go insane and order a 3rd arm, I can have the Shure on it. But, it's either going to take a lot of booze or Sophia Vergara to make me do that.
    Teac X-2000R, Otari MX-5050 BIII-2 (X2) and BII-2H, Yaqin MC-100B Amp W/Better Caps, SD-32A CD Player, Pro Ject DS2 Pre W/Upgraded Power Supply, VPI Prime Signature W/Soundsmith Voice & Lyra Delos on separate arms, ADS & Periphery Clamp, Madisound Zaph ZRT 2.5 Speakers & 10" Sub, Teac 2A Mixer and MB-20 Bridge, Nobsound Phone Amp, VPI 16.5


    • don
      don commented
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      You will need to get a 12 " for Sophia

    • MylesBAstor
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      Congrats the Delos is a fine cartridge! It will give you many hours of musical bliss!