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    Just installed a brand new Benz LP-S and it is such a lovely creature! Replacing the Phoenix S as my main cart now. Will post more details later if anybody is curious. I know it's still going through the burn-in (and getting sweeter by the hour), but the huge - huge! - soundstage (noticeably bigger in both depth and width, amazing depth and layers) caught my attention right from the start.

    Happy listener here!

    Luiz F Coimbra

    Magico S5 Mk. II
    Zanden 120
    Zanden 3100
    Zanden 8120
    Kuzma Stabi Reference 2 / 4 Point
    Benz LP-S
    Argento Serenity

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    I use a Benz LPS in my VPI ScoutMaster, and I agree totally, it’s a wonderful cartridge. I’ve had mine for several years and I still love it!!!
    TAPE: Studer A807, A810; Revox B77 MkII; Tascam BR-20; Technics RS-1700; Pioneer RT-707, RT-909
    VINYL: VPI ScoutMaster/Benz LP-S MR/ModWright PH 9.0; Denon DP59-L/Dynavector 20xH
    DIGITAL: Oppo BDP-95, MacMini > Oppo Sonica/Pioneer N-50
    SPEAKERS: B&W Nautilus 800, Pioneer DSS-9
    AMPS: Cary SLP-05/Sunfire Signature 600, Pioneer SX-1980


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      Congrats Luiz!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	LP S microscope picture.jpg Views:	1 Size:	270.0 KB ID:	82346

      Trying out a new usb microscope, I took this pic last night of my LP S with its Micro Ridge stylus. . With the tonearm level - set with my Wally VTA parallel to the record and no further adjustment - the SRA came in at 92.4°. I thought that was pretty cool. The stylus is soooo tiny.


      • timztunz
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        Tim, would you mind sharing which USB microscope you're using?

      • tima
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        Sure. It is a Dino-Lite AM4115ZT, 1.3 megapixels, 10-220x magnification. I use it with a Win7pro laptop. It takes some patience to work with.

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        Many thanks.

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      Congrats Luiz! A long time Benz user here. Never felt the need to buy anything else.
      Source: Kuzma XL DC, Kuzma 4Point 14 inch, Benz Micro LP-S MR; Phono: Zanden 1200 Mk3; Tuner: Magnum Dynalab MD-108T Signature; Line Stage: Zanden 3000 Mk2; Power amp: conrad-johnson ART; Speakers: Avalon ; Grounding: Tripoint; Cable system: Cardas Clear & Clear Beyond; Stands: Finite Elemente Master Reference & Master Reference Heavy Duty; Acoustics treatment: Svanå Miljöteknik AB (SMT);