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    Hi, who has had experience with multiple mono carts on mono classical recordings?

    Please state impressions.

    Also, is the SPU mono similar to SPU stereo in sound signature - full bodied tone, flowing, less highs? and are the Lyra monos similar to their stereo carts?

    I have heard the Miya zero in a couple of systems and like it. It did not sound similar to the madake

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    I follow this thread with interest because my ONLY experience with a mono cart is the Miyajima Zero, which I love.
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      Me too...I have a ZERO on arm 3 and would not part with it...Fine mono playback is astonishingly good.

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    I cannot comment on other manufacturers or specifically to classical recordings, but the Ortofon Cadenza Mono did sound quite similar in sonic character to Ortofon overall, and specially to the Cadenza series (as did the other mono models - Quintet, etc). I cannot comment on the SPU carts or the Lyra mono carts. Jeff Whitlock of AV solutions in California (who is also on this forum from time to time) has a lot of experience with carts and with mono carts (including the SPU series) as well. I would suggest giving him a call maybe: Best of luck.