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Which combination of phonostage - turntable fits best? AS Phono Club.

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    Upstairs system - Cosmos/SME/CJ Premier 15
    Main:VPI TNT V, SME V, Koetsu Urushi, Vendetta SCP2-D, Conrad Johnson Premier 14, Conrad Johnson Premier 11a, Wilson Maxx 2, Inouye power conditioner, Moon 280D DAC

    #2 Sota Cosmos, SME V, Lyra Clavis, Bryston BP17, Conrad Johnson Premier 15 phono, Classe DR3 VHC, Martin Logan CLS, Hegel HD12 DAC

    #3 Roksan Radius 5/Nima/Goldring Eroica LX Classe DR-7, Classe DR3 VHC bridged monos + PSE V monos (bass), Classe DAC1 DAC, Vandersteen 4A,

    #4 (AV) Marantz AV 7702 Mk2, Rowland 5, Wilson Maxx 2, Vandersteen VSM-1 (x4), Hsu VTF-15H Mk 2 (x2)


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      Seldom to see. Community Member Frank upgraded his Airforce Two player with the Tangential Tonearm DERENEVILLE. Unbelievable precision..I think this is the masterpiece among all other Tangential solutions. Two Phonostages connected. Allnic for Tube amping and AS Phonolab for comparisons of the two Tonearms and their different cartridges.

      Speakers B&M BM 35 with analog Preamping ( most important!). No A/D converting at all.

      Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        A Garrard 301 in a beautiful plinth. A huge Transrotor FAT BOB Reference.
        A statement in chrome. George , as a real asthetic, equipped the 301 with an SME tonearm that guides the GRADO Reference Master 2 through the groove. This is also connected to the AS Phonolab phono stage from the german manufacturer Such an ellegance! The SME arm is a 12 inch jewel.

        My question was, of course, which one sounds better?
        George said, that a phasemation transformer will soon be added to the SPU. And then we┬┤ll see.

        Oh yes, I am curios.
        Click image for larger version

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