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    Anyone have a chance to play with the Bob's Devices Step Up transforner for VPI turntables?

    Bob's Devices SUT intrigues me because it would eliminate that pesky phono cable and all the losses to that small signal that ensue. In real life, this little SUT replaces the junction box on the back of the VPI table and the tonearm plugs directly into the SUT. So the connection between the table and phono section now become more line level like. So the question is how do the sonic gains from eliminating the phono cable, a set of connections, not to mention the chance of RFI and noise balance out against the sound of the SUT?

    I actually had one in house end of 2014 but Bob sent me the wrong transformer. Got involved in another project so never got around to following up and getting the right SUT for my VPI table.
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    I think it's all going to depend on the quality of the transformers and how well they match your cartridge. It should drop your noise floor (which I am sure is quite low with the Doshi) to an even lower level. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.
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      I have one of Bob's standard SUTs, the type that does require cables. I like it. Folks should give Bob's SUTs a try,


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        Maybe off topic but what benefit do SUT give instead of a pure gain amplification stage?