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    I bought a Bobs Devices Cinamag. Its a nice gain in performance over the Allnic H1201 internal SUT. But, its hyper sensitve to noise. The interconnect between the SUT and my MM input that is. I had to wrap a piece of mylar with silver drain wire over my already shielded interconnect. That got rid of most of the hum. But its still there.

    Anyone find a single ended interconnect with shielding that works well in that location. Do I need something like a coax interconnect?

    I tried all the setup advice on Bobs page.

    Also, my device is optimized for a Denon 103R. I have a 103R I am using with it. But I do like my Hans ML better. And I may get the Hana Red. How far off optimum am I with the current device. Do I need a dedicated SUT for the Hans.

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    this is why I prefer active head amps over SUT
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      I may end up going this way. The SUT was a $350 used way to know what sort of gains may be out there. I'm pretty happy how it plays more alive. Its a nice change. But yes, I have considered a whole now unit. That is a big decision. For a person such as myself with only 2 to 3 cartridge, a SUT seems logical????

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    I have excellent bespoke cables made by Ana Mighty Sound for my SUTs.


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      There are no secrets for shielding or grounding in 2021, some interconnect designs are better than others. Placement, drain open on the load not the source, and good soldering hygiene may help. I would start with physically moving things around and crossing other cables at 90deg. Your equipment may not be optimally grounded so you have some leakage current that the shield is picking up. You can experiment with grounding various combinations of your arm, table , preamp and SUT. you may find a combo that works.

      To get methodical is good in your investigation.

      I love this document:

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        I have read Bills Whitlock many times. Its a good read for a guy with a business like I have. A solid starting point.

        I did a little more drain work with the interconnect. Better wire management. It did knock it down a little further. I have to really turn it up now to hear the hum. It would be nice to relocate the Cinamag transformer itself and place it inside my Allnic preamp. Even better a small screw terminal in the preamp where I could drop new transformers in to meet the need of the cartridge used.