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Allnic, Aesthetix IO, Dartzeel, Kodo Beat, Vyger Indian Signature, etc

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  • Allnic, Aesthetix IO, Dartzeel, Kodo Beat, Vyger Indian Signature, etc

    A massive room houses Magico Q7 mk2 with a stack of 6 REL subs driven by Alieno OTL (I have previously heard the Alieno with the M3 and compared it to Dagostino with a Feickert Firebird, but will wait to write more on details as I will get a further compare of the amps with that owner’s Techdas Af3 premium and Lampi Pacific).

    J's preamp is the NAT Magnetostat, which J moved on to from the Allnic L5000. He also has the Berning and the Veloce preamps, and we did briefly compare the NAT to the Dartzeel as a preamp (I have previously*had*the NAT Magnetostat SE*on audition in my home system next to a Jadis pre).

    Given the amount of gear, I paid J two visits, and spent two full days with changes made to the set up. I am posting this write-up as Day 1 and Day 2. The findings on Day 1 did change to Day 2.*

    A long read, but it gets much better on Day 2 as compared to Day 1.*

    The analog that we were able to compare was:
    1. Kodo Beat (modded) and Vyger Indian Signature (modded)
    2. Aesthetix IO Eclipse, Allnic H5000, and the Dartzeel phonos
    3. Kiseki Purple Heart, Airtight Supreme, Allnic Puritas, Lyra Atlas, vDH Stradivarius, Benz LPS, and Zyx Omega carts

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    Horning Eufrodite Ellipse III Speakers - Silver Circle Audio 300B Monoblocks - TW Acustic RLS-100 Line Stage - TW Acustic RPS-100 Phono Stage - TW Acustic Raven AC with (2) 10.5 Arms and Black Knight Annv. Upgrades - Ortofon A-95 & Miyajima Zero - Playback Designs MP-5 to Bricasti M1 DAC - Tascam 42B (Refurb by Soren Witrup) + Doshi V.3 Tape Stage - (2) Silver Circle Audio TCHAIK 6's - Furutech PC's & IC's + Inakustik LS-4004 Air Speaker Cables - Audio Desk Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner & VPI 16.5 RCM


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      Wow! Quite an undertaking, kudos.
      Speakers, Wilson Audio Sasha 2's; line stage, ARC Ref 6; phono pre ARC Ref 3; Amplifier, ARC Ref 75 SE; turntable, Dr. Feickert Firebird with a Kuzma 14 inch 4 pt and Transfiguration Proteus; CD player Ayre C 5 xe; tuner, Magnum Dynalab MD109 SE; Dr. Feickert Analogue CBPS; Double Matrix Professional Sonic RCM; Transparent Audio Isolator 8; Transparent Super cables and IC's; and a Atocha Designs Record Cabinet


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        Great looking system. What are the room dimensions? Those turntables are pretty daunting to look at!
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          That throws the KISS method right out the window WOW that is impressive cleaning would be a delicate operation.


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            I must admit I had to re-read this 2x to get the feel of it. Lots of equipment and opinion. I appreciate all the work.

            The Aesthetix is truly amazing when set up with attention to detail. Tube rolling also applies. It certainly can be plug and play but like everything at this level it must be tweaked to be optimized. The standard HRS couplers are good on the Eclipse however, when you change them out to largest size couplers this really helps with the isolation and quietness.

            What's more impressive to me is that a - what- say 20 year old design?- is still competitive today.

            Front end: Aesthetix Io Eclipse with 2 Power Supplies and Volume controls
            Brinkmann La Grange & RonT Tube Power supply with Kuzma 4-point ,FR64S, Brinkmann 12.1 , Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum, Lyra Atlas, Lyra Etna SL Goldfinger Statement, KLAUDIO RCM, HRSM3X
            Amps: Wyetech Topaz, Futterman H3 Quad II,Citation II, Marantz 8b, 5 ,2
            Pre-Amps: ARC SP 3a, Marantz 7, Marantz Model 1 Consolette Pair
            Speakers: Quad ESL 57, Beveridge Model 3 DD amps, REL S/2 x 2


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              Shun Mook footers will be way superior to the HRS. Check with Greg of UHA tape deck, that's what he does for his IO eclipse too

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            Beautiful room and awesome assemblage of hardware...if there were one nit to pick its the speaker placement, 5' apart?
            Post-divorce system (emasculated):

            Linn LP12/Lingo 4/Greenstreet subchassis/Tiger-Paw Kahn Tonearm: Linn Ekos SE Carts: Linn Arkiv/Troika Phono Stage: Linn Uphorik Music Server: Innous ZENMini MkII, 2TB SSD Speakers: Kii Three


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              Actually the main pic was taken by him before. He is a professional photographer and his pics looks better, and I am just not good at pics. His actual speakers are further apart than that.

              The distance listening position is 4 meters…. distance between speakers ( center to center) 256 cm
              Room is W. 6 meters x L. 13 meters x H. 3.20 meters speakers are 6 meters from back wall.
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              That's about 8.4 feet between centers. Do they fire straightahead?
              Fascinating that the system uses 6 subwoofers.

            • bonzo75
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              In the pics in the first post, my last pic shows the angle to the chair

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            Excellent review/comparison. Just read through it for the third time.
            SOURCE: VINYL - EAT C-Sharp, Soundsmith Paua mkII, Benz LPS-mr, Benz Ebony H, DIGITAL - Marantz SA-11S3 sacd/cd/transport, Auralic Vega DSD 256 DAC. PHONOSTAGE: AudioNet PAM G2 with AudioNet EPS G2 power supply. PREAMP: Audionet PRE G2. AMPLIFIER: Audionet AMP monoblocks. SPEAKERS: YG Acoustics Anat III Signatures (upgraded to Sonja 1.2) SVS SB-4000 subwoofers (x2) CABLES: Kubala-Sosna.....Audio Desk Systeme RCM, Adona Rack, GIK room treatment


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              Fun article, thanks, Ked.

              Everything matters.
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