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  • 80K euro Tonearm news...

    Ok I know what the reaction is going to be,but before you unleash a barrage of hate, wach the video (starts at 13.15 mark!) and see that this is not the kind of thing you make in a shed at the back of your Garden.
    Actually my main concern is more about the motor assembly than the price. But seeing as they have spent 3 years developing it and are asking 80K, you would hope that they have sorted out all the Problems....
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    Too industrial looking, and of course, too expensive
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      Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
      Too industrial looking, and of course, too expensive
      The expense does not come into it. It was not made for mere mortals like us. but i do find it interesting that there are those who would finance a engineering project like this.....


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        That is a lot of money and it will have a market or it will not. My concern is that is a lot things to go wrong on that arm servo motors remotes all of which are much better for staying up and working than they were a few years ago. Any body see or hear it at the show that can give a report .

        Do not get me wrong I like the idea of a remote to adjust the arm from the listing chair but sometimes simple and manual is better . In the 70s full auto arms were every where now you never see one ( auto for pick up and play not adjustment )

        I think it is cool and a lot of work went into it the prove will be how does it sound and will it sell enough to be a product in the future .


        • Billy Shears
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          Could not agree more on everything you are saying there. Although the price should imply that they have done their homework. Wonder if we will hear more about this in the coming months...

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        Maybe I'm old fashioned but I still believe in KISS schools of design. I see so much over engineering in todays products and yet so very precious few sound right...
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          Originally posted by david k View Post
          Maybe I'm old fashioned but I still believe in KISS schools of design. I see so much over engineering in todays products and yet so very precious few sound right...
          That was one of the reasons suggested to Sid not to buy the Air Tangent with remote control VTA. You knew one day, it would probably break down. Then what? Interesting thing is that parts for solid-state electronics go out of production quickly nowadays while you can always find the right part to fix a tube amp.
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            Its so funny the price has just gone up to 120K ;-)
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            • Garth
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              Well at 80K who is really interested but at 120K my only question is can you mount two of them on the same table .
              The bearing mount on the arm that lets it pivot why

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              Appreciate any comments on being able to mod by Garrard Zero 100 to accept this arm.

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            Hi Folks,
            that was all pure speculation - in the confusion of the show.
            The price mentioned here never existed.