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  • Sumiko MDC-800

    I'm Looking for one?


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    David Fletcher's "The Arm" has a cult following, it was considered the ne plus ultra when I acquired my first Sota 'table. I couldn't swing it at the time so I compromised and bought a Sumiko FT-3 (a Jelco by another name). do report on it when you locate one, id like to know what i missed


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      I don't think this one sold before add ran out last month.
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        some quick cyber sleuthing revealed "the arm" is based on the Breuer which, incidentally, is what the Brinkmann arms are based on - no wonder they all look very similar. Of the Brinkmann set ups I've heard with their own 'arm, they have all been faultless.


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          I have owned the MDC800 it in an Oracle Premier mk3, and sold it to a friend who keeps it just for the decorative aspect ... I remember that I only had the X counterweight, that limited the range of cartridges that should be used with it. As far as I have read, David Fletcher stopped manufacturing it after the SME V was introduced, feeling that they were too close in performance to justify go on manufacturing his own arm.

          The MDC800 had a great "feeling" when handled - light and delicate but simultaneously solid.
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