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JMW Titan Tonearm "Fat Boy" Video

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  • JMW Titan Tonearm "Fat Boy" Video

    This video (courtesy of Analog Planet) from Munich 2017 between 9:16 and 10:54 has a very good look at the new VPI Titan tonearm along with commentary from Mat. He said it improves on the 3DR but it was not in the context of table, cartridge, set up, etc...Time will tell but it looks like a brute! Nice looking prototype....Guess we better hope there is a trade up program!

    Long video but lots of other very cool Analog toys...Some extremely innovative and $$$$$$!
    Primary 2 channel stuff: Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mk 3.3, Pass Labs X600.5 amps, Aerial SW 12 subs, True Sound Works Ultimate Apogee Divas, Dunlavy SC4s, VPI HRX Reference w Avenger mag drive and Reference footers, Gimbal Fatboy, Yamaha GT2000 for Mono, Miyajima Kansui, Miyajima ZERO, Fidelity Research MC-201 & 202, VPI ADS, Vendetta Research SCP-1, Audio Note UK- 3.1X II balanced DAC, Meridian Sooloos, Western Electric Speaker wire, mostly diy balanced interconnects, Furutech Power Cords

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    Is it me or is the music crazy loud?