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Do You Like Your Platter Dressed or Naked?

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  • Do You Like Your Platter Dressed or Naked?

    Do you place your LPs on the bare platter or do you use a record mat?

    Share your experiences experimenting with either situation!
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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ID:	141447 I have had quite a few mats and weight/clamps over the years. Some weights accompanied the mat, some were stand alone, and visa versa. For a couple of years I used the TW (ZANDEN) rubber mat. In the end I found all weights and mats to simply change the resonances of the needle-record interface. I ended up for a couple of years with the stock copper top platter of my table and no weight. UNTIL......after I tried the Combak-Harmonix mat and weight. IMO and experience this combo just becomes an alter ego to the bare platter with no reduction in stage, no feeling of the upper frequencies being tamped down, and no negative changes to the midrange or lower frequencies. The sound with the Harmonix is wide open with staging and life I have never heard with my rig. It is totally natural sounding. In other words, it seemingly has no sound of its own and just unlocks what your table can do but hasn’t. It is expensive. $4500 retail. Stereo Unlimited tried to get me to borrow it for a year I think. They were right. Worth every penny. Click image for larger version  Name:	D7779CB8-C8E9-47BC-8AE0-CCCFFF2FEC4A.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.68 MB ID:	141448

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      With my VPI... nude
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        Probably depends on the table/platter design. On my Linn, I've stuck with the factory felt mat all these years. I've tried several others, generally with negative results. The Funk Firm Achromat was the only one that was an improvement in enough areas to consider getting one. I was surprised how the Music Hall Cork Mat, that made such a significant improvement on my son's MH 2.3 SE (with the acrylic platter), was really a bad match for the Linn. I have a Pro-Ject leather mat to try, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
        Steve Lefkowicz
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          I started out using the Zanden mat made for TW Acustic. Then a buddy gave me a Spec+ mat that showed me how much music was being left on the Zanden mat. I used the Spec+ for quite awhile before I decided to see what naked copper sounded like. I'm still naked.
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          • Barry
            Barry commented
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            Same TT as you w/ Triplanar and Lyra Etna. Also started with the Zanden/TW mat. I found it a little too muffled. Then I too went to the Spec AP- UD1 and stayed there. I tried it for awhile, but I'm not so fond of the naked copper.

          • timztunz
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            seamonster, it's adjustable all the way to off. I have a friend who leaves the lights off. I have enough trouble remembering to turn it off leaving them on.

          • timztunz
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            Barry, now you have me wondering. I'll have to put my Spec UD1 back on for a listen.

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          I have always used mats. The closest I have come to putting records on a bare platter is my current table with the factory leather mat. There's not much there in between the LP and the platter.
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            Since I have a predilection for big 70’s Japanese direct drive TTs, platter mats are 100% required.
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              None on my VPI Avenger. Have been considering getting one since it pains me to place nice vinyl on that nude platter; however, absolutely no felt mats.

              Any recommendations? Stein, Herbies....?
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                None on my VPI Prime...
                Life is is just samples thereof

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                  None on my Clearaudio solution.
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                    I use micro seiki cu 180 copper platter. It works...
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                      Nothing on my Goldmund


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                        no mat on my acrylic sandwiched vpi aries platter. I use the the aries deluxe (stainless grip) clamp.
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                          None on my SME 10.

                          A Loricraft mat made for the 501. Fits well on my 401.
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                            Groovetracer Delrin Platter and sub-platterd with a Tenuto gunmetal mat = pure excellence!