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    Originally posted by russe41 View Post
    If I throw in Classical I have about 30k records, I collect 50's till 70's jazz mostly though, with used making up 80% or higher.
    30K records! My experience is not at that level, but closer to it than most anyone else here, I think. Back in 2008, after I retired, I decided that one of my legacies was going to be to digitize most of my 15K record collection, almost all classical (Decca and EMI originals make up the heart of the collection). I determined I would digitize about 10K records, and that it would take between 5 and 6 years. I had cleaned all my records as I collected them with a series of VPI RC's, beginning in the mid '80's. After getting the proper equipment to do the A to D conversion, the heart of which is my trusty Pacific Microsonics Model Two, the first commercial US machine came out, the Audio Deske. I bought one and it served me well for several years, cleaning about seven thousand records, until it died. They offered me a replacement at the importers cost (well under half of retail) so I got that to replace the first machine. I finished the project after six years, more than 10K records and 2K tapes (about 50TB all done at 192/24) and the second machine's motor stopped working a few months ago after another six years, but probably around 4-5K records. Again AD offered to replace my second machine with their newest Pro model, again for a small fraction of the price.

    I don't know what the lifetime of other US machines are, but if you are looking at cleaning 10K or more records, my experience is that you could well be looking at going through more than one machine. BTW, I also went through TT, and cartridges in the process. Considering that it took well over 10,000 hours, it was not a trivial use of my time (although I did not listen to every record in full while I was ripping them.) I figured that my time was the most expensive part of the project, even if I were paying myself the minimum wage. And since this would be a legacy to my daughter and son-in-law and our grandkids, it was worth doing it well. The RCM cost was a relatively small fraction of the total equipment cost, not including my time.

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      "(Decca and EMI originals make up the heart of the collection)" May I be included in your will? Thanks in advance! (Hopefully WAY in advance!)

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    I purchased a Kirmuss this week and have done about 20 lps so far. If I know there aren't any issues I'm just doing a basic 5 min clean as the full prescribed method is quite time consuming. If it turns out upon playing at a later date there's some groove noise I'll try the surfactant spray. I have had a couple already where due to a couple of ticks and some low level groove noise it paid to spend the extra effort and follow the prescribed use of the surfactant spray. One took 4 or 5 cleanings and eventually the 2 loud ticks were gone and the low level groove noise reduced considerably. Luckily most of my collection is issue free.

    An eye opening lesson was the first one I did which I'm very familiar with - Heifetz & the CSO playing the Sibelius Violin Concerto. It's a 60 year old S1/S4 pressing that until yesterday had one cleaning before which was in the kitchen sink. After cleaning with the Kirmuss you'd think it was just played for the first time it was so quiet. Amazing results are possible with patience Click image for larger version

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      Found an article that describes this whole process, I decided to share