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  • Another re-entry into vinyl

    A long time acquaintance has re-entered vinyl after a long absence. I'll state up front that like me, he's on a beer budget, domestic beer at that. His turntable was damaged in one of many cross country moves and the remains were boxed up for years despite a decent record collection. Another acquaintance seriously into vinyl visited and kind of kicked him into gear.

    Shopping around, he found a replacement tonearm, another table as a donor, and a NOS cartridge from one of two reputable sources for things B&O in the world. After a week or two of tinkering and an operable table. A little more time in the workshop and a new homegrown isolation platform. Keep in mind B&Os were pretty imperturbable anyhow.

    His impression, and that of his wife is that the missing music is back. Their son is duly impressed.

    Now before everyone starts thinking he's suddenly caught the upgrade bug, think again. Remember I said something about a domestic beer budget. Oh there will be an upgrade to a Schiit Mani phono-stage and very cost effective interconnects. And that for the time being will be about it. Well, excepting he is suddenly become enthused about hitting the used record stores, and there are two large ones in his small college town.

    Myself, I'm always happy when someone at my end of the spectrum becomes reinvigorated about the music. Sometime it gets a bit lonely at this end so it's nice to have company.
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    For surprisingly good budget cables, check out Morrow Audio. I have a full set of their MA1 interconnects and am quite impressed at how good they are for the price. Extremely detailed, they way solid core single strand cables often are. Actually replaced a full set of Nordost Solar Wind cables with them.
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      Yep! And I'd add Mogami as another cost-effective cable.

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    Great story !! The whole purpose of this hobby/addiction is to enjoy the music !!